Hey there!

Thanks for stumbling upon this little blog. I’m going to assume you either have a chronic health condition that causes debilitating symptoms, love someone with a chronic illness, or know someone suffering from chronic illness.

If you are diagnosed with a chronic health condition, first I want to welcome you to this space on the internet- you are not alone! Second, I want to say that I’m sorry you are going through this—it SUCKS (let’s just be honest). Lastly, I want you to know a crucial fact moving forward – you don’t have to be miserable. I repeat: You don’t have to be miserable. WE do not have to be miserable! Yes, it totally sucks. Yes, going through this is a pain in the ass, and yes we may feel terrible much of the time…AND, life is still beautiful.

If you love someone with a chronic illness and have to watch someone close to you experience pain on a daily basis, I welcome you to this space, as well. I also want to state up front that I don’t know what this feels like for you, and I’m not going to pretend I do. However, I can only imagine how difficult it must be, and there is no doubt you are going through a lot, too. Maybe you feel helpless, maybe you’re anxious and scared, maybe you even wish you could take your loved one’s pain or symptoms just so they don’t have to suffer with it. I want YOU to know that the love, care, and affection you give is all your loved one could ever ask for. You might not be able to fix or cure their condition. You may not be able to take their symptoms away, but that doesn’t mean you’re helpless. In fact, you probably help so much more than you even know, and in ways you may not even realize.

Finally, if you know someone with chronic illness, or you are just genuinely curious about this blog, welcome! I hope it can provide some insight you might be looking for. 🙂

~~ Another Tired Human

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Hi! I’m just a young woman among 8% of the population living with autoimmune disease. I am also diagnosed with a form of metabolic myopathy –a disorder that causes significant fatigue, and impedes my muscle’s ability to access glucose for energy. But, this blog isn’t so much about me or the illnesses I have to deal with. Rather, it is a space to discover and reflect on the joys in life. It is a place to discuss the small things (and big things) that help us with chronic disease get through the toughest days.